April 14-28, 2012 Royal Caribbean Cruise

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Leaving the Liberty of the Seas at our first stop, Nassau. The Pirate Museum in Nassau was well worth the visit. Tony, a freelance guide, told us how slaves carved out the sixty-five steps of the Queen's Staircase in 1793/4 out of solid limestone using only hand tools. The Queen's Staircase was a shortcut to the sea. Most visited tourist site in Nassau.
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Bertie Johnson drove the four of us on a fine tour of Nassau. The Atlantis is impressive. Inside the Atlantis. Lots of yachts are parked at the hotel.
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After about a week crossing the Atlantic, we arrived at Tererife in Spain's Canary Islands. Our ship is the bigger of the two. Mount Teide in the background is Spain's tallest mountain. The volcanic activity created a very rough landscape suitable for testing lunar vehicles and filming prehistotic movies. Next stop was Cadiz and our tour of Sevilla (Seville). This was Spain's pavilion for the unsuccessful Ibero-American Exposition of 1929.
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Another view of the buildings surrounding the Plaza de España. Portugal, the US and most Latin American countries had pavilions for this event to improve relations between Iberia and the New World. Bad timing doomed the event. Linda made some buys at the gift shop at the hotel where we had lunch.
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Inma was our guide. Sevilla is a beautiful city certainly worth another visit. A celebration in the city and many were dressed in the traditional clothes. The Alcazar and related buildings were built by the Moors in the 1100s.
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After the Christians drove out the Moors in the north, Reconquest of 1248, the mosque was converted to a cathedral now the third largest in the world, Catedral de Santa María de la Sede. Another cathedral view. One of the cathedral's stained glass windows. The cathedral's organ.
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Christopher Columbus tomb in the cathedral. Spectacular silver in the cathedral. The Moors did beautiful work at the Alcazar. A view of "main street" on the Liberty of the Seas. The Promeade had shops, pubs and small restaurants.
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Some super shows after the curtains went up; Saturday Night Fever, In the Air, a really funny comedian. Next stop was Malaga, and we went to see the Alhambra in Granada. More beautiful gardens and ornate architecture. Finished in middle of the 14th century for for the last Muslim Emirs in Spain and its court. Used by Christian rulers after the 1492 "Reconquista." Carole and Linda in the Alhambra.
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The Alhambra was damaged by Napoleon. A view from above. Interesting composition of the pillar. Spectacular workmanship!
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Beautiful gardens. A stunning sight. After the Alhambra, entertainment during speed-dining. The ship stopped next in Valencia.
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Modern architecture was memorable. A student teacher on the plane back said that Valencia was not important enough to warrant all this investment in these buildings. More of it. Mostly empty buildings according to the guy on the plane back. And more.
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Arriving at the San Jose Caves A local cat as we walked toward the caves. Linda in the darkness. Enough light for a Harry & Carole picture. We took a long boat ride thru the caves.