Trip to Israel, Egypt & Jordan

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1st 9 pictures in Israel, next 14 in Egypt and remainder in Jordan.

0.Jersalem.jpg 1.ChristBirthplace.jpg 2.ChristBirthPlace1.jpg
A view of Jerusalem Where Christ was born - Bethlehem Where Christ was born.
2.WailingWall.jpg 4.JerusalemModel.jpg 0.SeaofGalilee.jpg
Wailing Wall City model of Jerusalem The Sea of Galilee
4.TownofJesus.jpg 4.Masada.jpg 5.IDF.jpg
Town of Jesus Masada 18 or 19 year olds in the IDF
6Hotel/View.jpg 7.LindaSphinx.jpg 8.MePyramid.jpg
Cairo - Nile view from hotel Linda at the Sphinx Me at the pyramids
9.WhirlingDervish.jpg 10.LibraryAlexandria.jpg 11.LightHouseAlexandria.jpg
Whirling Dervish during Nile dinner cruise New Library at Alexandria Near where old Lighthouse of Alexandria was.
12.Bargaining.jpg 13.MuhammadAliMosque.jpg 13.Sheshaw.jpg
Bargaining is a fact of life in Egypt. Muhammad Ali Mosque in Cairo Smoking a waterpipe in Luxor
14.Luxor/Karnak.jpg 14.Temple.jpg 15.BoatDinner.jpg
Temple in Luxor Another temple scene Dinner on Nile cruise ship
15.CarriageRide.jpg 16.AbuSimbel.jpg 17.Mosaic.jpg
Carriage ride at a stop along the Nile Abu Simbel Mosaic that helped explain where things used to be.
18.TreasuryPetra.jpg 19.Petra.jpg 20.LindaDonkey.jpg
Linda at the "Treasury" at Petra More ruins at Petra We took donkeys back from restaurant at Petra.
21.DeadSea.jpg 21.LindaDoorman.jpg 22.AmmanDinner.jpg
Dead Sea from Jordan's side. Linda with hotel doorman in Amman. Dinner at Amman restaurant.
23.Jerash.jpg 24.RomanTheater.jpg 25.Christbap.jpg
Largest and best Roman ruins - Jerash. Roman theater - Jerash Where Christ was baptized near Jordan River.
The Jordan River is not wide.