Morocco '06

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Rabat - the official royal palace. Ministries are on the palace grounds. 13th century ruins & also southern-most Roman ruins in north Africa. Carole, Harry & Linda at the "unfinished mosque" and Mohamed V mausoleum.
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Rabat's kasbah (fort). Sunset at the American/French lady's home on the Atlantic. Meknes - Linda & me at Moulay Ismael's tomb - friend of Louis XIV. The main gate in Meknes, 17th century.
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Fancy pouring at lunch in Meknes. Roman ruins at Volubilis. A display set up in the hotel lobby in Fes. The royal palace in Fes.
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Goat heads in the Fes medina (old town). The green side of the gate to the medina in Fes. Breakfast at a farm outside Fes. Woman and baby in B'halil.
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Visit to a man who lives in a cave in B'halil. Henna "tatoos" after lunch. "Home hosted dinner" with Abdellah El Khabar & family. Fossils at the hotel in Erfoud.
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Mohamed, our guide, during a stop for pictures. Linda bought dates. While most went to spend the night in the Sahara, we visited Rissani. View from the bus between Erfoud and Tineghir. Visit to a Berber rug coop in Tineghir.
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The crossing to get to the site used for dozens of movies. Mostly built in the 14th century. Another view of the movie site. Thru the Atlas Mountains on the way to Marrakech. Marrakech, "Gateway to the Sahara," in front of the Mosque of Koutoubia. Finished in 1199, it is the major landmark of Marrakech.
Marrakech - a lesson on superstition was given in this elaborate house. A rainy day for a carriage ride in Marrakech. Marrakech - a rainy day in the medina slowed the shopping. Aziz, our Grand Circle Tour Director, during the farewell dinner.