2007 NCL Trip, 3/21 to 4/12

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Evita Peron's mausoleum in Buenos Aires. We were warned to be careful in the Caminito area. Buenos Aires looks very European. Inside the Galerías Pacífico
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The Galerías Pacífico was the nicest shopping center we had ever seen. An example of the architecture across from the Galerías Pacífico. Linda & I went to the home-hosted dinner at Anna and Carlos' apartment. We saw 100s of these blooming trees, the Chorisia speciosa.
At the San Martin monument. He liberated southern South America from Spain. A wonderful evening with the tango. This opens, closes and is lit at night. We had lunch at the Gato Blanco on the Delta.
Our hosts in Montevideo, UY, Maggie & Constantino García, in front of a monument to the early Indians. A view of Montevideo from the Fortaleza General Artigas. We were shown all over Montevideo. A "typical" lunch. Uruguayan barbecue. They call it "asado" in this part of South America.
Gen. Artigas liberated Uruguay from Argentina. A dress-up night for us, too. Lots of penguins at Punta Tombo.
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Punta Tombo was a long drive from Puerto Madryn. Puerto Madryn was originally settled by Welsh coal miners. We took dozens and dozens of penguin pictures. How many people get to the Falkland Islands?
A harpoon gun. Igor Portnoi was a big hit with some of us. We took "The Train at the End of the World" when we stopped at Ushuaia, AR, the world's most southern city. A beautiful lake visit after the train ride.
After the lake, we saw a gaucho performance. Relaxing after Ushuaia. Much time was spent at The Top of the Crown. Mt. Olivia
Fjords, glaciers and beautiful scenery... more... more... Everyone enjoyed the sights.
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Not us but that's our ship, the Norwegian Crown, at Punta Arenas, CH. A monument to Magellan Shopping in Punta Arenas but no T shirts. A chocolate extravaganza on the ship.
Pisco sours were served often. Here, while on the Coyhaique & Simpson Valley, CH excursion. At the Puerto Montt, CH stop, we went to Lake Esmeralda & the Petrohue Falls. The Petrohue Falls. Llamas at the restaurant at the end of this excursion.
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Some sort of steam engine made by Heinrich Lanz Mannheim. Revisiting childhood. The Osorno Volcano in the distance. A puma was in back of the restaurant.
Our last dinner on the ship. Le Bistro had terrific creme of mushroom soup served in hollowed-out bread. The escargot were good, too. In Valparaiso, CH, a moai from Easter Island. The island is owned by Chile. A clock in an upscale shopping center in Santiago, CH. The presidential palace in Santiago.
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Santiago is a mix of very old and very modern, tall buildings. The Castillo Hidalgo is in the center of things. More from the Castillo Hidalgo. With our guide, Christian.
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We made it to the top. Resting before going down. Daniel Paredes (Program Manager) and Helen Talbot. Dinner after our climb was at this really good restaurant. The steak was good. Music and more pisco sours.
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A stop along the primary road between Chile and Argentina. On our way to lunch at the Hotel Portillo. They said this mountain serves as a guardian for this road. Traffic can't move fast on this main road. Where we had lunch, 2 or 3 miles from the border.
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Unusual-looking dog at the Hotel Portillo. A demonstration wanting
Alberto Fujimori extradited to Peru in front of the Chilean Supreme Court.
At Los Dominicos, arts and crafts. American's flight was cancelled. Would our LAN flight leave when we wanted?? It did and they served beer and wine.